Travel Nurses: What Specialties of Nursing are in Highest Demand?

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Nurses have specialization and this specialization can make them earn more since they have to perform extra duties and responsibilities plus they have more skills. More and more travel nurses are gaining specialization so they can maximize their job opportunities now that they are in demand and also enjoy the benefits of being a travel nurse

Why are Travel Nurses In Demand this 2022?

ICU Travel Nurse

Intensive care units have more patients due to the pandemic seasons. This means more nurses are needed in intensive care units to look after their patients. Patients need special care which means nurses with knowledge of how to take care of these kinds of patients are the ones to be assigned here. ICU travel nurses have the training and are knowledgeable in handling patients that need special care. 

Emergency Room Travel Nurse

With the pandemic hitting the world more and more people are rushing to the emergency room. That’s why emergency room nurses are in demand to be able to assist patients that need immediate attention. Emergency nurses should be active, sharp, and have high critical thinking to determine who among the patients needs urgent attention since all of them demand assistance. Emergency room travel nurses are also trained to have these skills so they can do their job well. 

Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care (NICU) Travel Nurse

One of the most vulnerable ages among patients is those prematurely born babies and newborns. Handling these patients requires special skills and NICU travel nurses are trained and knowledgeable enough to give the care these patients need. Before getting qualified as a NICU nurse, one should have experience working in a NICU and a PALS certificate. 

Operating Room Travel Nurse

Operating room travel nurses are responsible for keeping the patient safe before, during, and after operation procedures. They have to closely monitor the condition of their patients and give the necessary action needed if they are allowed to or report immediately to their head nurses or physicians to take action on the need of the patient. OR travel nurses need to have BLS and ACLS certificates to be qualified.

What are the Perks of Being a Travel Nurse?

There are a lot of benefits travel nurses can get such as :

Flexible Schedule 

Travel nurses usually get assignments that can last from a few days up to 23 weeks. This means after each assignment they can choose to take a break or take another assignment. This means they can manage their schedule and choose what month or season they would want to work and what period they want to rest. 

Competitive Compensation 

Travel nurses get paid higher especially among nurses with specialization. Since they are badly needed the offer is getting higher plus the fact that they have special skills. Then they deserve to get paid more. 

Opportunity to Travel 

Travel nurses are given the opportunity to travel and work. Traveling is sometimes impossible when you are focused on your career, however, working as a travel nurse will give you the work and life balance you need. Imagine being able to travel to different places without spending too much and still keeping your career! 

Chance to Advance Your Career

As a travel nurse, your exposure to many medical facilities and working with different people can help you enhance your skills and qualifications as a nurse with specialization. It will not only give you experience but also increase your knowledge and hands-on training on how to handle your duties and responsibilities.

Having knowledge on Travel nurses: what specialties of nursing are in highest demand? Can help you know what specialization to take if you don’t have one yet or if you have a specialization know how to maximize it and find the right place for your career to grow. As a nurse, grabbing the opportunity to be a travel nurse while the demand is high can be a good way to advance your career as well as earn the experience you need. Enjoy traveling as well as the benefits you can get while working as a travel nurse. Find a travel nurse agency that can give you the opportunities you are looking for and the places you have on your bucket list.

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