New Zealand star Dave Letele praises ‘amazing’ Katie Taylor: ‘I think she’s great for the sport’


Dave Letele is a former specialist New Zealand boxer turned wellness mentor and group leader. His story is 1 of beating the odds, acquiring been at the leading, forging a thriving rugby league occupation, possessing a few of supermarkets and a lot more, and then shedding almost everything, which include not getting in a position to see his little ones. He became depressed and overweight, and upon a return visit to his hometown Auckland, was confronted with a severe actuality of do or die.

His boxing character “Brown Buttabean” was a smack-conversing loudmouth that supporters cherished to detest. His circus act of a boxing journey began at 178 kilos (about 390 lbs) and burst on to the New Zealand boxing scene in 2014 where he speedy made a cult-like subsequent as he referred to as out local tricky guys all above the country.

After a string of wins, and getting rid of 50 % his body pounds many thanks to his devotion to the gymnasium, he has turned his daily life about and is now supporting hundreds of hundreds of Kiwi’s become fitter, more healthy, and putting food stuff on the table for quite a few in will need by his charitable organisation Buttabean Motivation.

We caught up with the not too long ago topped New Zealand nearby hero of the Year 2022 to hear much more about his boxing journey and other wonderful achievements.

Q: How did you get into boxing?  

DL: I received into boxing truly by incident I guess. I was more than in Germany for a Joseph Parker struggle towards Marcelo Nascimento – my buddy and Duco Situations operator David Higgins introduced me over as he was so fearful about my lifetime, as he did not like leaving me by yourself at that time as I was extremely depressed.

Over in Germany, the head of German boxing had never viewed this kind of a large, tattooed Islander in advance of. He needed to see what I weighed – and I did much too as each individual time I jumped on a scale back residence it explained Error, so I needed to know what I weighed. They dragged me up like an elephant by the trunk, threw me on the scale and I was 178 kilos. Everyone’s response was like “wow this dude is so fat”, but I was just so delighted as I had realised how considerably pounds I had lost given that my return home to New Zealand from Australia.

So while I was on phase, I was so pleased I started demonstrating off saying “yeah, I’m the guy, I’m the man, I’ll just take on anyone”! Everybody else was laughing but Higgins had an strategy. He reported “Here’s what we’re going to do, we’re likely to phone you the Brown Buttabean after Eric Esch the American boxer.. Eric “Butterbean” Esch was a big white person, and I was a large brown male, so they called me the Brown Buttabean. And that’s how I received into boxing – truly just as a way to get my health back”.

Q: Did you have a say in your new alias “Brown Buttabean”?

No. I basically needed to modify it early on soon after a number of fights, I failed to like the name but Higgins explained no as it experienced created brand fairness so we couldn’t modify it. Who would’ve ever believed it would lead to what I am doing now, the team called Buttabean Drive that is literally encouraging hundreds of thousands of people today.

Q: How has boxing adjusted and affected your life?

Boxing actually just gave me a concentrate. My everyday living was a mess, I was in extremely undesirable shape physically but even even worse mentally. I was really depressed and boxing gave me an outlet and a little something to aim on in get for me to get my existence back again together. Boxing seriously did conserve my daily life. It gave me a beneficial outlet, one thing to concentration on other than how a lot my lifestyle sucked at the time.

Boxing alone was awesome but what arrived with it in the character I played was not so astounding – but I applied it to my gain. It was the only way I could make cash, it was my position and I performed this character to the most effective of my ability inside of and outside the house the ring. My why was to get my little ones back again and that’s all I was wondering about. I didn’t treatment if everyone hated me, I assumed so be it.

It’s more so now when I look back again I cringe at some of the videos and desire I could delete these, but it genuinely is section of the journey, and I’m not embarrassed as from that was born this awesome group (BBM).

Q: Are you however boxing and what else do you do to keep healthy?

Indeed, I still do boxing coaching a couple of moments per 7 days. Boxing is like an anchor to our teaching, and is some thing we normally do. It is continue to genuinely tough, not only physically but mentally. My coach John ‘The Rebel’ Conway always claims “Bean, go into that uncomfortable position and get applied to it – just be snug becoming uncomfortable”. I feel like boxing is one particular of the only sports activities that can genuinely get you there.

It is also fantastic for our larger crew simply because it’s low affect on our knees and our joints but it is nevertheless definitely difficult. Boxing nevertheless performs an integral part in our training regime at BBM.

Q: How do you combine boxing into the BBM system and what alterations have you seen in others since of this?

Boxing is a massive component of our education programmes, specially for our “From the Couch” programme which is a programme helping people today with extended time period health situations, who are 200-300+ kilos. The cool thing about boxing is that you can setup a seat subsequent to a boxing bag and prepare, so we have people sitting down undertaking boxing and as they development then all of a sudden they are up carrying out boxing – not only on the luggage, but on the pads. It is a terrific way to start off your health journey, and you can slowly build it up.

Q: Convey to us additional about all of the initiatives that you are doing the job on.

There is a total host of factors that we do at BBM. We have a youth programme which focuses on youths that are not at school or do the job, who are at a crossroads – like a lot of persons who start off boxing when they are at a crossroads in their everyday living – so we help surround them with positivity.

We then have an work programme, once more to enable men and women who haven’t worked for a long time and who have misplaced all motivation. We test to get them into nutritious patterns, to get them up and likely into perform, to support them aim on a beneficial mindset.

We also have our “From the Couch” programme for our 200 – 300 kilo additionally local community users, having them to just get started some variety of conditioning by just relocating. And our Foods Share, which has virtually fed hundreds of countless numbers of people today, particularly as a result of Covid lockdown.

So there is so a lot that we do and then we have our regular boot camps which is where by we started, just jogging a health and fitness team which has now morphed into a full wrap all over group with all of these different social providers and is some thing that is helping so several men and women.

It’s like all the people today who have been around me in the commencing, helping me out – now I am having to pay it forward and helping many others.

Q: How do you come across the electrical power to do everything you do?

I don’t do it by itself. I have a great wife, a wonderful loved ones and an remarkable team and our why is always our people today. My why when I started out was having my children back and being a fantastic case in point for them. Furnishing for my family and my wife is nonetheless my why now, but it has extended to assisting as many persons as I can. Residing with that goal is genuinely what drives me day to day.

Q: Tell us a little something we could not know about you?

Most individuals know every little thing about me as I’m fairly open with my daily life. However I have just taken up dancing [laughs].

Q: Convey to us about your Dancing with the Stars journey.

It’s a excellent mainstream system to highlight the troubles that are heading on which is what I am carrying out it for, to raise consciousness for our work and to elevate resources for the do the job we do. There are also so quite a few other excellent charities that are getting supported by this (Dancing with the Stars) and that’s what it’s all about.

Q: Is there a similarity involving the footwork in dancing to the footwork in the ring?

[laughs] That is a common oversight that everybody is generating , in particular with me simply because they say “you’re a very good boxer so you must have fantastic footwork” but then I explain to them that I wasn’t a excellent boxer [laughs]. But one issue I do have is a wonderful get the job done ethic, as I did with boxing – even even though I was a circus act I took it quite critically and trained actually challenging, which is the exact same as I am undertaking now with dancing, just making use of myself.

Q: As a boxer and fight lover, what has been the most exciting combat that you’ve viewed?

I only definitely observe Joe Parker or Tyson Fury. I genuinely loved the Tyson Fury battle with Wilder and the Joseph Parker fight towards Chisora.

I really should also say the Joshua v Parker combat which I went to more than in Cardiff, it was unbelievable. I still engage in the music 7 Nation Military at boxing training and sing “Ooh Anthony Joshu-aaah” [laughs].

Q: What has currently being a skilled athlete taught you that you can take into daily lifetime?

Just never ever offering up and possessing the perform ethic. For me, I generally satisfy folks who are robust, fitter, speedier, but I never want to be outworked. Which is what I say to all of our team customers – some of our members have dropped above 100 kilos moreover, just like myself – and you can under no circumstances replicate what it takes to do that, so there will never ever be anybody that can outwork us. That is the mindset that we choose into everyday living which has appear from all varieties of unique schooling, equally rugby league and boxing, and I reside that way with NO EXCUSES.

Q: We have two remarkable fights coming up in Could, Taylor vs Serrano and Canelo vs Bivol. Who are you rooting for and why?

I certainly like Taylor, I assume she’s amazing and she’s been great for the sport. It will be good to see her on the most important stage at Madison Square Backyard.

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